Here at the Project we love to get kids active and having fun, so we try our best to provide options for everyone. Unfortunately under 4s cannot climb at our centre.

All under 18s must be supervised by a registered, competent adult climber

If you are unsure of what this means please call us before coming to the centre in order to avoid disappointment!


Registered adult climbers can supervise a maximum of 2 under 18s (aged 4+) at a time.

4 to 17


Any child between the ages of 4 and 17 can come and climb under the direct supervision of a registered, competent adult climber.

7 to 18


We run an array of sessions, clubs and courses for childen from age 7 and up.


We do not run any sessions for children under the age of 7. 

14 to 17


Our Junior Induction and Sign-Off process allows young people between the ages of 14 and 17 to come to use the centre without adult supervision.


We take the safety of our young climbers very seriously. As such, if you wish to supervise a young person in the centre you must be a registered, competent climber in order that you can safely and appropriately assist the young person/people you are supervising.

bring a group

Family induction  
Ages 7+


Our Family Induction is designed to introduce you and your family to an activity that you can all enjoy together regardless of age or ability. The course focuses on teaching parents the key skills to be able to safely bring children along and helps children to understand their role in keeping themselves and the people around them safe. The course is an hour and a half long and is run by one of our instructors.

This course is perfect if you want to bring your children yourself but have no previous experience

These sessions are currently running on demand only, please email us to make a booking -