About Us


We founded The Project Climbing Centre in 2013 with a simple mantra; to be better and to do better. We believed that it was possible to look after our staff, look after our planet and look after our customers, all whilst running a successful business. 


Our core values underpin every decision we make, from the suppliers we work with in our shop, to the fact that we've been a living wage employer since we first started out.

We are dedicated to providing the best indoor bouldering facilities we possibly can support by an amazing team of values focused staff.


Sustainability at The Project Climbing Centre


We are committed to building a sustainable business that can provide the very best for our customers and the environment for years to come.


We believe that by working with local people, for local people we can build a Centre that will benefit everyone one who is involved with it, from suppliers to customers, and whilst we're at it we can hopefully do our bit to help the environment too!


As a small business we've got big ideas about doing our bit and so whilst we might not be able to be as green as we would like all of the time, make no bones about it, we will be doing everything we can, whenever we can, to work toward, not only not being bad for the planet, but actually being good for it too.


From eliminating as much waste as possible to fitting LED lights, from only sourcing organic cotton clothing for our t-shirts to using recycled materials for our pens and paper we're working hard to do our bit.

The Project Climbing Centre has been run using 100% renewable energy since we first opened, our current supplier is Ecotricity.

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