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The Project Climbing Centre is a community driven indoor bouldering facility run by climbers for climbers. Our aim is to provide the best facilities and the best support for climbers of all ages and abilities. We're dedicated to providing a fun and challenging climbing Centre with the very best route setting and coaching staff anywhere in the world. 


Alongside our central sport, we also offer yoga and a variety of fitness workshops.

Currently, our facilities include full height bouldering walls, a top out boulder, endurance training boards and a host of training apparatus. As we continue to grow, we aim to develop into one of Europe's leading centres for training and development whilst retaining an open and inviting environment where newbies and oldies can climb side-by-side and have fun.

About Bouldering


For those who've never climbed before, you may be wondering what bouldering is all about. Well, it's the most accessible and fastest growing part of the great sport that is climbing. Bouldering is generally low-level free climbing without the added hassle of ropes and harness and goodness-knows-what-else. Instead, we protect* ourselves using great big crash mats, and, if truth be told, spend more time lounging on the mats than exerting ourselves on the walls! What more could you possibly want from a sport, than an excuse to lay about!?

Sustainability at The Project Climbing Centre


We are committed to building a sustainable business that can provide the very best for our customers and the environment for years to come.


We believe that by working with local people, for local people we can build a Centre that will benefit everyone one who is involved with it, from suppliers to customers, and whilst we're at it we can hopefully do our bit to help the environment too!


As a small business we've got big ideas about doing our bit and so whilst we might not be able to be as green as we would like to start with, make no bones about it, we will be doing everything we can as soon as we can so look out for our eco-initiatives as we start to roll them out around the centre.


From recycling as much as possible to fitting LED lights when bulbs blow to only sourcing organic cotton clothing for our t-shirts to using recycled materials for our pens and paper to using electricity from 100% renewable sources we're working hard to do our bit.

*Whilst potentially reducing the risk of injury, the crash mats do not remove that risk and there is still a very real possiblity of injury in the event of a fall.

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10 am - 8 pm

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