New to Bouldering

You don’t need to be an experienced climber* to enjoy bouldering. However, if you’re not already a competent climber you’ll need to either come with a friend who is an experienced climber or book onto our Bouldering Induction Courses to learn how to boulder safely and make the most of the bouldering we offer. 




If you know someone who already climbs with us, there's a good chance that they can bring you along as their guest.

This means that they'll be signing you in and will be looking after you in the centre. Only competent, registered adult climbers can bring guests so please, ensure that the person you're coming with is registered with us and is over 18.

If you're coming as a guest you'll need to come 4 or 5 times before you can register for yourself.

There is no registration fee payable for guests and, if the person supervising you is a member, you might be able to get in completely free!

Come to a Boulder Induction Course



This is the session for anyone who is 18 or over with no experience of bouldering who wants to come and climb unsupervised and/or supervise other climbers. The course is an hour long session with one of our instructors and focuses on how to use the climbing walls safely. This course is obligatory if you would like to use The Project Climbing Centre but have never climbed before (unless you come in as the guest of a registered climber). Once you have done this session, you are free to use the centre unsupervised whenever you like, and can also sign in and supervise other climbers.


Thursdays 8-9pm,

Sundays 2.30-3.30pm


Cost: £20 per person


  • Cost includes entry, shoe hire, and instructor supervision.

  • Sessions will run for a minimum of 2 participants


*To find out what we mean by an "experienced climber" and answer any other questions you may have, check out our FAQs here, or contact us!