unlimited climbing

Our memberships are built around community.

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to share your passion for climbing with your friends. 

Climbing is well documented to be a valuable and effective means of improving wellbeing and mental health. We're working with a number of local businesses to make climbing more accessible to employees

Make it an employee benefit

If you're an employee of a locacl business why not ask if they can setup a subsidised membership scheme with us?

Monthly membership

​Each month get access to:

  • Unlimited climbing

  • Unlimited free first time guest passes for anyone who hasn't climbed with us before

  • 2 free "friend" passes for anyone who has climbed with has climbed with us before

  • Free weekly conditioning classes

  • Free monthly Members Only Workshop

  • Free Yoga class in The Studio

  • Free shoe hire

  • Priority Booking & Discounts for our Events

Monthly PLUS membership

​All of the same benefits as the Monthly Membership, PLUS

  • Unlimited access to our Strength & Conditioning Gym

  • 3 additional Free Yoga classes

Freeze, Cancel or Change your membership

You can easily freeze, cancel or change your membership details by using the form below

FREE Membership Freeze: We are currently allowing ALL members (monthly & prepaid) to be frozen at no cost to members. The duration of this freeze will be dependant on how the coronavirus situtaion develops.

Update your Billing Info: Easily update your payment information using the option on the form below

Cancel your Membership: We're really grateful that you've been a member with us and we'll be extremely sorry to see you go but, if you're moving away then we guess it makes sense. Please remember that, as per the terms of your signed agreement, you need to give us a minimum of 90 days notice to cancel your membership.

IMPORTANT: All membership changes must be made by midnight on the 9th of the month. Any submissions sent after this will be processed for the following month.

Membership Change Request Form

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