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Summer competition series 2019

Our Summer Comp Series is back for it's third year! After the roaring success of the winter Flashmasters competitions, a complementary summer competition was needed to pick up the slack. The summer series aims to be a tad more laid back than its winter counterpart, but we'll still be sure to provide you with a challenge! 

Each Monday throughout the summer we set five new competition routes to attempt. The scoring follows a similar format to the Flashmasters, but with the whole week to complete the problems, rather than just one evening. You're given one scorecard for the week, which you hand in at the end of each climbing day and collect when you come in for your next session!

Points are accumulated over the summer with prizes awarded in September for most points and highest attendance!

Best of all, there is no extra cost to participate. None, nada. So come play!


For the summer comp, we total the scores each Sunday and publish the running total before putting up the next 5 climbs on Monday morning. To get into the top ten (and stay there) it is in your interest to attend each and every week!

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