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The Series

The FlashMasters is an open  bouldering competition series with a bit of a difference.


The series is made up of 5 Flash-style rounds, with 25 new problems set for each round. You'll

score 10 points for each climb that you flash (complete in one attempt), 7 points for climbs that

take you 2 attempts, and 4 points for climbs you get in 3 attempts. More than 3, and you won't

score any points for that climb, though there will be a bonus point for reaching a certain hold in

each climb (however this will only count in the event of a tie).


Well, that's the normal comp format, and here is where we're going to mix things up. 


The competition is geared up for our everyday climbers, those who are newer to the sport or who climb for

the fun of it rather than being really into training and pulling really hard. For the most part, the problems will be set so

that they don't require enormous amounts of strength or power but instead rely on tactics and technique to help get you up.


 "Okay, I climb around that level. But what chances do I have of winning anything against someone who could come               in and flash the whole lot?"


 Well, our setters will decide on a magic (secret) number for each round (a fraction of the total                                                            points available). Score over the threshold, and you will be considered too good for the                                                                       comp! This will leave the person who scores closest to the magic number to take first prize.

There'll be a winner for each round of the series, and an overall series winner, as well as                                                                       spot prizes/raffles throughout the evening, so EVERYONE has a chance of winning                                                                               something!

 "Erm... I generally climb harder than that. What's in it for me?"


Score over the magic number, and you will be a Flashmaster.  We know it's not a prize as such,  but reckon many of you will still come and compete for the title, and to sweeten the deal, as a Flashmaster  you will get two extra entries for the Flashmaster series raffle, so that come the end of the series you might win yourself a grand prize!


For even more fun, each scorecard will have 2 raffle tickets attached to it - one for a 9 o'clock raffle on the night, and a second for the overall raffle, but you have to hand your scorecard back in!


So, now you know how it works, here are the dates for the rounds:


21st September

19th October

16th November

18th January

15th February

FINAL: 25th March - more information below

You'll be able to collect your scorecards and #GetFlashing(?!) from 6pm on comp night.

Entry fee:

Members: included in your membership

Pay as you go: £3 on top of your normal entry price

The FlashMasters Open


At the end of the FlashMasters Series each year we'll be holding The Flashmasters Open.


This is a standalone competition and so doesn't count to the series scores or rankings. It differs from the Series in that there is no magic number... you've had all season to practice so now it's time to get involved with the big boys and girls!


As with the series the competition follows a Flash format and points are awarded on the same 10/7/4 basis. This time though you have the chance to scrape and extra point or 2 as you'll get an additional 1 point for any problem you complete in 4 or more attempts!


The date for 2017 Flashmasters Open will be Saturday 25th March. 10am - 3.30pm. £10 entry.



We know that just having great new routes and loads of fun (not to mention a lolly for handing your scorecard back in) is reward enough but we've also gone out there and found some great prizes from some of the wonderful brands we work with here at The Project Climbing Centre.


Flash Masters 2016/17

The Results

Round 5 - 16th February 2017

Magic Number - 193

Round 4 - 18th January 2017

Magic Number - 190

Round 3 - 16th November 2016

Magic Number - 172

Round 2 - 19th October 2016

Magic Number - 199

Round 1 - 21st September 2016

Magic Number - 190

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