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The Project Shop


Everything you need to get into bouldering both indoors and out. From chalkballs and brushes right through to guidebooks, clothes and bouldering pads.
Being a small retailer we simply can't hold masses of stock. However, if there is ever anything you need for your climbing please ask us before you purchase elsewhere, we will do our best to get things in for you and we will price match whenever we can.

P.S We tend to be a bit cheaper in store than online as we like to look after our customers but you have to come and visit us to benefit from that!

Try before you buy

Perhaps the best thing about buying from us in person is that you have the chance to try everything on and all of our staff are super psyched to help you make the right selection, they're not here to sell you the most expensive things, they're here to help you get the right equipment so that you enjoy every moment of your climbing with us.

Our Brands

We work with a number of different brands, all have been carefully selected to ensure that they align with our principles and CSR policies. We only sell products that we believe are high quality; everything we sell is used by our staff members for their own personal climbing and we don't believe in selling for the sake of it. We'll never sell something that we don't think is good enough. All of our brands have robust ethical policies and we are constantly working with our brand partners to reduce unnecessary environmental impacts such as excess packaging.
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