Coronavirus Information

In order to help us manage capacity, safety and the quality of your experience we have retained the booking system and capacity management that we introduced during the initial waves of the pandemic.

Please book your sessions before you come to climb with us:

  1. Complete your new registration form

  2. Create your Capitan account

  3. Book your sessions

You can also use your Capitan account to buy passes, buy memberships, update your information, scan in and out of the Centre, link your account with your family, and there's loads more to come.



As has been the case throughout the course of the past year, your visit isn't going to look quite the same as it used to; we have a few additional measures to help keep you as safe as possible. We’ve done our best to plot out all that you need to know below, but if you have any further questions or concerns, please visit our Coronavirus FAQ page or you can read our full Temporary Operating Procedures Document and Coronavirus Risk Assessment 


We know that some of the measures will be a little more onerous than you might like but we’ve had to make a risk based judgment and balance getting back to climbing with keeping everyone as safe as possible. We’ve opted to enforce the strictest set of measures from the word go in the hope that we can relax these over time, we don’t want to start soft and realise later that we should have been stricter. Rest assured, if you don’t like the measure there’s a very good chance that we don’t like it either but have made a risk based decision to enforce it.


Please bear in mind that there is no “right way” for us to operate safely and we, just like you, are learning on the job. Please be patient as we do our very best to get you back climbing as close to normally as we can manage.


These operating procedures are non-negotiable; if you don’t feel you can abide by them then please wait until we’re able to relax them to a level you’re comfortable with.

What we’re doing:


  1. Limiting Capacity - we’ll be limiting the number of climbers in the hall to 60 at any time

  2. Increased cleaning - we will be cleaning and sanitising throughout the day as well carrying out more regular deep cleans

  3. Hand Washing & Sanitiser - we’ve installed a hand washing station in the main hall as well as making hand sanitiser available around the building

  4. Monitoring the Guidance - we are following and responding to government and industry advice to ensure we have the most up to date and safest systems in place

  5. Using Technology - we’ve improved our use of technology to ensure that you can clearly see how busy it is in the centre and can ensure you get your climbing fix

  6. Adjustments to Route Setting - we will be setting less densely to help you keep your distance

  7. Increased Wall Space - we’ve built you an awesome new section of wall


What need you to do:


  1. Book your session in advance - Login to your Capitan Account to book your sessions.
    We can't currently take bookings at the Centre, so if you haven’t booked before you arrive you won’t be able to climb. Bookings can be made upto 3 days in advance.

  2. Come dressed ready to climb - Changing cubicles are available in the hall, but being ready to go when you arrive will reduce the contact you have with shared surfaces.

  3. You’ll need to wear a mask - you don’t like, we don’t like it but, based on the information we have available to us, you'll have to wear a face mask or covering while in the Centre. This includes while climbing, so we recommend something light and comfortable.

  4. Check-Out - When you leave we’ll be asking you to check-out. This will allow us to track how many people are in the hall at once and forms part of our Track & Trace system.

  5. Card Payment Only - We won’t be accepting cash for the time being.

  6. Wash your hands - no change here, wash your hands when you arrive, a couple of times during your session and when you leave. 

Additional Info:

Our opening hours will vary
Depending on demand and the need to balance staffing costs with income we will be varying our opening hours. It will be fairly obvious from the fact that sessions will not be available to book when we’re closed...

The cafe will be closed…
… but we'll be offering takeaway hot and cold drinks as well as those "Almost Famous" brownies from reception. However, you'll have to bring your own mug/cup/flask for hot drinks, or purchase one from our shop.

No spectating
To reduce the number of people in the centre, no spectators will be allowed in the hall, or in the cafe space.

Additional cleaning and self-serve cleaning will be in operation
To reduce transmission through shared equipment and surfaces, we'll be doing frequent cleaning rounds.

Skin-friendly cleaning spray will also be available for you to clean brushy sticks/cubby holds/gym equipment before and after use.


Information for Existing Members can be found here

Information for Punch Card holders can be found here

We are currently running a reduced coaching program owing to our capacity limits.