How to behave in CoronaWorld

We understand that our decision to remain open comes with potential consequences and so, in order to try to limit those, we are offering the following advice;

1. Be Selfish

  • Do not share your chalk

  • Do not share your water

  • Do not share your food

  • Do not feel the need to share the problem you're working on, this is now a dog eat dog world

  • Do not feel awkward about asking someone to give you a bit more space

2. Be Respectful

  • Wash you goddam hands - a lot!

  • Do not ask to borrow chalk

  • Do not ask to use someone else's water bottle

  • Do not ask for food

  • Do not go to climb where someone else is climbing unless they've invited you to join them

  • Do not put people in the position of having to ask you to give them a bit more space (we have healthcare workers who need to climb for their own well-being and, naturally, they will want a bit more personal space)

  • Wash your hands. Again.

3. Be Sensible

  • Did we say to wash your hands? Good. Do it.

  • If you sneeze, wash your hands

  • If you cough, wash your hands

  • If you pick your nose, wash you hands

  • Even if you used a tissue, wash your hands

4. Wash your Hands

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