But why aren't you closing?

Following the latest advice from the Government we have taken several steps to try to support their recommendations whilst simultaneously working to protect our staff and, ultimately, the very existence of The Project Climbing Centre.

We've considered very carefully all of the advice that we've heard and have decided that, for the time being, we will continue to operate as close to normal as we can. The changes that we've made to support the Government recommendations are set out below. First though, we feel it's important to briefly frame our decision more broadly.

For many of us climbing is an integral part of our lives, it is a social anchor, a place to exorcise demons and a physical outlet. It simultaneously provides stability and escape and, I think we can all agree that, in today's climate escape is going to be a key part of what helps us all to get through this in one piece. The mental peace that can be found when solving problems or climbing into oblivion on the circuits is rare in a world abuzz with social media and other noise. Given the nature of the crisis we're faced with, that peace will be more important than ever.

It is clear to us that the benefits of climbing, be they mental, physical, or social are so great that we have a duty to our community to ensure that they are available for as long as possible.

In order to support the Government recommendations we are

  • limiting our occupancy to 50 people at any one time - please see more information here

  • cancelling all coached sessions, including yoga and conditioning

  • developing a new online only membership for online yoga and conditioning classes

  • making changes to our membership and punch card T&Cs to ensure that you do not miss out as a result of this new advice

Importantly, whilst the Government has advised people to avoid clubs, pubs, bars etc they have not advised people to stop exercising.

We are aware that many of you will want to stay away completely and we're very respectful of that decision, we're equally aware that for many of our customers climbing is extremely important to their health and well-being, it is with those members of our community in mind that we've made the decision to stay open.

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