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Get your kids climbing!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Here at the centre we're often told by parents that their kids just LOVE to climb - up trees, over furniture, dangling off all kinds of places you'd probably rather they wouldn't! As human beings, its in our nature, so why not sign them up for one of our classes and courses, and allow them to do what they do best in a safe and fun environment?

Confidence, Co-ordination and Communication

The type of climbing we offer here at The Project is called bouldering. It's low-level climbing, without the use of ropes and harnesses, instead using crash mats for protection. As well as being an excellent way to keep your kids fit and active, bouldering is great for building their confidence and improving their problem-solving abilities, their co-ordination, and their social and communication skills.

And with the Lookout Cafe just upstairs, you get to enjoy an hour's peace and quiet with a delicious cup of locally-roasted coffee and watch as they challenge themselves on our "problems" (the name for the colour-coded climbs).

Try-outs, Clubs and Family Sessions

We have a variety of sessions and courses on offer, from one-off casuals, to termly courses.

Our Junior Casual sessions run throughout term time and over the holidays and are ideal for kids who want to try out climbing for the first time, or who just want to come in every now and then for a blast up the walls. After a thorough warm-up and a quick safety briefing, our young climbers take to the walls, either picking their own routes to try, or working on some challenges as a group, all under the guidance of one of our experienced instructors.

Junior Club is our term-time course which allows young climbers to really get to grips with climbing. In these sessions, climbers get to work on their technique, route-reading, and communication as they work together to get to the top.

As well as our kids' sessions, we also run Family Inductions so that you can all try out climbing together!

All of our instructed sessions are run for ages 7 and up. However, if you've got younger ones, ages 4+ can come in under the supervision of a competent adult climber (we also run courses for adults for if you'd like to bring your kids in on your own, but aren't already an experienced climber).

A full programme of our classes and courses for all ages and abilities can be found on our Courses page.

We look forward to seeing you and your family here at The Project soon!

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