We've moved your punches

All punches have been transferred over to our new software, Capitan. The information around expiry dates listed below remains the same.

Information for PunchCard Holders

Punchcard expiry dates were "frozen" on the morning of the 17th March 2020 following Government advice for individuals to stay away from social gatherings.

Additionally, Punchcards that were reactivated or purchased following the reopening of the centre in July 2020 were frozen as of 5th November 2020 and again as of 31st December 2020.


What does that mean?

It means that however many days you had left on your punchcard on the 17th March/5th November/31st December will be preserved until your punchcard is reactivated.


Punchcards will not be reactivated until our capacity cap has been lifted or you instruct us to reactivate your punches, whichever happens sooner.

To reactivate your punches please just drop us an email or let us know when you next come in

You can see how many punches you have remaining and when they are due to expire on your new Capitan account.

Please note: We are aware that there has been an issue with bringing passes over from our old software into Capitan and so the expiry date showing in Capitan may be wrong. Please just let us know if you think there is an error on your account and we'll look into it.