Coronavirus Questions

Why have you set your capacity limit at 60?

The available guidance suggests that we set our capacity at 1 person per 9sqm when taking into account all of the publicly available spaces (reception, shop cafe, climbing wall etc). If we did this we’d have a capacity of close to 200 people, which we felt was far too high to be safe. Instead we went out into the hall and tried our best to work out how many people could move around in the centre whilst being able to reasonably maintain a safe distance from each other. The number we were comfortable with was around 70 and so we took that number and rounded it down to be extra safe. We think that alongside our other measures 60 is a good number.

What cleaning products are you using?

The cleaning products used by our team are from DelphisEco. They are the bomb! You should get some for home.The self-service spray for customers to use is called Ecoleaf by Suma and it is safe to use without gloves.

Where have you been getting your guidance from?

Our guidance comes first from the government and secondly from the Association of British Climbing Walls. You can read the documents we’re working from here and here. We hope you’ll agree that we’ve done everything we can to make your visit to us as safe as possible.

How often will you be washing the holds?

Our holds will be washed every 6 weeks on average. Holds will be washed in an anti-bacterial solution before being pressure washed as normal. If we find that user numbers increase then we will review this and may increase frquency of cleaning/setting cycles.

Can I book more than one session in a row?

You can but we'd ask you to consider if you really need to - 3 hours is really plenty of time, even elite athletes don't often run training sessions longer than about 3 hours. Please consider other climbers who won't be able to get in if you've booked a double session.

Why do I have to wear a face covering?

All of the available evidence is pushing toward face coverings being an effective means of reducing transmission.
We’re unable to effectively or reasonably wash or sanitise the holds between climbers and so our priority has to be keeping those holds as clean as possible. By wearing a face covering you are much less likely to breathe on the holds/lick the holds/spit on the holds and so the risk of viral transmission via the holds will be reduced.

I think wearing a face covering will ruin my session

We’ve tested it. It doesn’t. Wear a well fitted, lightweight face covering and you’ll be fine. All of our staff will be wearing face coverings to climb, even if they’re climbing outside of opening hours - we’re serious about trying to keep these holds as clean as we reasonably can.
FWIW, we’d rather not wear face coverings but the available evidence says we should so we will.

Will you be selling face face coverings?

No. We won’t be selling face coverings so you’ll need to get your sewing machine out or buy one.

I can’t wear a face covering , can I still climb?

Wherever possible we are asking everyone to wear a face covering, we're not being prescriptive with what that should be so it can be a mask or a buff or a visor or anything really but our main aim is to try to divert ariflow away from the holds in order to minimise transmission risk between climbers. If you can't wear a face covering of any type then, of course, you can come and climb without one. If you're able to show us your sunflower lanyard or exemption card then we'll add your exemption to our system and you won't be asked about it everytime you check in. If you are exempt then we ask that you are particularly mindful of social distancing, please bear in mind that some of our customers have only felt able to come back to climb with us because we have very strict policies around mask usage.

Why do I have to check-out?

We’re asking everyone to check-out to ensure that timeslots are respected and in order that we can easily track and trace anyone who was in climbing at the same time as you. This is a precaution we’re taking so that, if we need to, we can inform anyone who might have come into contact with you if you subsequently develop symptoms of COVID-19.

How do I check out?

You can simply scan yourself out using your phone or scannybob on our check-out computer or you can give your name to the person on reception.

Why aren’t you accepting cash?

This is just about trying to eliminate as many touch points as possible. All of these small measures will add up to have a greater effect than the sum of their parts.

What are your opening hours going to be?

Our opening hours will be varying as we gauge demand and manage staff returning to work. It’s no secret that these past few months have been very hard for us financially and as we reopen we need to balance our opening hours and staffing requirements with what we can afford.

Why is the cafe closed?

We’re not confident that we can safely reopen this part of our business yet and we’re not prepared to compromise on safety.

Why can’t anyone watch?

Government guidance clearly states that “attendance by spectators and non-participating children should be avoided”

Are there going to be cleaning products available for me to clean down touch points if I want to?

Yes, we’ll be putting anti-bacterial spray and cloths around the building so that you can clean things down before and after use if you want to.

Is there somewhere for me to change?

While we recommend that you come dressed and ready to climb, we do have changing cubicles available in the hall.

Can I take out a new membership?

If you want to sign-up for a membership you’re very welcome to do so but you will still be subject to the same booking requirements as everyone else.

What’s happening with my punch card?

All punchcards will remain frozen until either you ask us to unfreeze your card or we are able to remove our capacity cap.

Can I buy a new punch card?

Yes, but you will still be subject to the same booking requirements as everyone else.

I’ve not climbed before, can I come?

Yes! You can either come as the guest of someone who already climbs and who can look after you in the centre or you can come on one of our Adult Induction Sessions. If you're under U18 you'll need to be supervised by a competent adult climber.

My child wants to climb, what sessions are you running for kids?

If you are a registered climber you can bring your own children here for a climb. If you're looking for instructed sessions from children, please have a look here.

I have three children, can I bring them all?

We can only allow 2 guests per registered climber, there are no exceptions to this. Under the current circumstances we will be entirely inflexible.

Why can’t I get a refund?

We expect there to be very high demand for sessions and so if you commit to come and then don’t it’s quite likely you’ve caused someone else to miss out. If you are unsure if you’re going to be able to make a session we strongly recommend waiting until the last minute to book.

What if I’m late to my session?

We can’t move your session for you as it will impact the sessions that follow yours. Please arrive on time or be prepared for the fact that you will still need to leave on time even if you arrived late.

Why aren’t you doing takeaway hot drinks in disposable cups?

We don’t have any interest in creating more waste, even compostable, recyclable, biodegradable waste. Please bring your own mug/cup/flask, buy one of ours or sit down and take a moment to enjoy your coffee in one of our lovely mugs.

I’ve got symptoms, can I come climbing?

No. Stay home, get tested, get better.

How do I get in?

Access hasn’t changed, just come in as normal, check in using your app or scanny card and climb.