1. jump into the sea from a cliff or other high point.

    "thrill-seeking lads tombstoned off the rocks"

Tombstoning is potentially dangerous and you should always check the landing zone before jumping. We've decided to apply this same caution to our approach to 2021 and we'll be checking the lay of the land before jumping in. We were all positve about 2020 and what a great year that would be and look where that got us! So, this year we're taking it easy to start off with and staying closed for a while.

Also we're not allowed to open because of the stupid virus thing that just won't leave us alone!

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Positive

If you came here looking for some specific information then one of these pages might help you out:

People with memberships should click here

People with punchcards should click here

People who want to help us out should click here

People who have other questions/want to book sessions/need a response should wait until we've been given a clear date for reopening. Sorry if that seems unhelpful but we've had to furlough our entire team this time and so we are 100% offline. (If you see posts going up over the next few weeks they've probably been scheduled in advance)

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